Marine Collagen Benefits

5 Things We're Digging About Marine Collagen

5 things we're digging about Marine Collagen

1.  No Bovine! Most bovine and porcine collagen are made from hides and hooves. Ours is made from stuff your body can easily digest, 100% Alaskan wild-caught fish.

2.  Bio Availability. Collagen from fish has a lower molecular size than bovine or porcine collagen which means it's absorbed up to 1.5 times more efficiently by the body. 

3.  Peptides. Unlike collagen found in food or broth, collagen peptides do not require stomach digestion to break down the amino acids (peptides are already broken down into single amino acid chains) so they are quickly absorbed and immediately used by cells and tissues.

4.  Cellular Regeneration. Decreased collagen production is inevitable as we age, adding collagen to our daily routines can counteract this. We recommend 6g per day for skin regeneration, 12g for joint and bone strengthening and 15g for muscle mass regeneration.

5.  Sustainably-Sourced. Our collagen comes from 100% wild-caught Alaskan pollock and processed in a Marine Stewardship Council approved facility.