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What is Marine Collagen?

What is Marine Collagen?

With so much collagen in the marketplace, it can be hard to figure out which type is best for you. Collagen is the most abundant protein in your body, it’s found in bones, muscles, organs and is best known for being found in skin. Starting around the age of 25, our bodies start to make less collagen, leading to gut issues, wrinkles and weak muscles. Supplementing with collagen can help bring the levels up, but why take marine collagen over other sources?

 Some people have been opting for marine collagen for a few reasons.

  • Religious or Dietary. Some people are not able to have pork or beef due to their faith and some choose not to eat meat at all, but still incorporate fish into their diets.
  • More environmentally friendly.  Wild-caught fish from fisheries that adhere to sustainable practices is important to some when choosing what products they buy.
  • Type I Peptides. Marine collagen Type I peptides are the most abundant collagen in the human body, it’s the building block that holds together our flexible connective tissues and makes our bones strong.

Most marine collagen comes from the skin and/or scales of fish. The collagen is removed and broken down into peptides through hydrolysis, which is why you may see it called hydrolyzed collagen. These peptides are what you ingest, that’s why it’s important to find products that come from clean, environmentally friendly and sustainably sourced companies.

So, what’s the difference? Marine collagen peptides come from either wild-caught fish or aquaculture fish. Wild-caught marine collagen comes from fish caught in their natural environment, oceans or rivers, and mostly managed by fisheries who practice sustainability when sourcing the fish. Aquaculture fish are sourced from farm-raised populations and can contain various types of marine life and are not often tested for metals or toxins.

So ultimately when choosing your marine collagen always make sure you are getting the highest quality on the market. Cofo Provisions Marine Collagen is metal tested and manufactured in a MSC approved facility and is sustainably sourced.