Camu Camu Vitamin C

Why is Vitamin C added to Cofo Collagen?

Vitamin C is critical for your cells to absorb collagen! Why? 

Vitamin C is critical for collagen synthesis. Studies have shown that Vitamin C combined with collagen can enhance collagen synthesis and soft tissue healing (1).

We wondered, why does collagen require Vitamin C to absorb into cells?

Here’s the answer: Vitamin C is a cofactor for prolyl hydroxylase (proline) and lysyl hydroxylase (lysine) to absorb into your cells. These two amino acids are present in collagen peptides AND are critical in the repair and regeneration of your bones, skin, ligaments, hair and tendons. Without Vitamin C, these two amino acids cannot metabolize and will not enter your cells (2, 3). Without Vitamin C you will not obtain the functional benefits of collagen.

We prefer to use natural vitamin C vs. ascorbic acid (corn-derived). We use Camu Camu, a seed found in South America with high bioavailability. Each serving of Cofo gives you 91mg of Vitamin C and 100% of your daily recommended dose.


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