Cofo Chia Energy Pudding

Cofo Chia Energy Pudding

February 06, 2018

Chia seeds are a superfood whose rise to popularity came after Christopher McDougall chronicled the pursuits of the Tarahumara in the book Born to Run. These seeds are a staple in this native American tribe’s diet, whose members regularly run 50 to 100 miles with very little sustenance. Chia seeds are a great source of protein, fiber, omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. They can also absorb approximately 10 times their weight in liquid!

Chia pudding makes for a filling breakfast that is easily made the night before. You can scale the recipe to take care of breakfast for the week and still mix it up every day with different toppings such as nuts, fresh or dried fruit, and granola. Chia seeds have a pretty neutral flavor so depending on whether you prefer sweet or savory, feel free to add a sweetener of your choice (honey, maple syrup, etc.) or spices and flavorings such as cacao, vanilla, cardamom, or turmeric. The possibilities are endless.

Cofo Chia Energy Pudding

Ingredients (1 serving):

½ cup of coconut milk
1½ tablespoon chia seeds
½ teaspooon Cofo
If desired, toppings, sweeteners, and flavorings of your choice to taste


  1. Make sure coconut milk is mixed well. Sometimes the cream separates out, and a handy trick is to run the container under warm water and then shake vigorously before opening and pouring out desired amount.
  1. Add Cofo to coconut milk. Stir well.
  1. Stir in chia seeds. Let mixture sit for 5 to 10 minutes before stirring again to break up any seeds that may have clumped together.
  1. After another 5 minutes, add any remaining ingredients and eat. If you are planning to eat later, put in refrigerator and mix in toppings right before you are ready to eat.
  1. Enjoy.

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