Give Back

D's Trees & Greens

We're on a mission to get more people in nature nourished by clean, sustainably-sourced food. More Trees and Greens for ALL!

Starting in 2021, we will donate 1% of our gross sales each quarter to communities that build urban nature areas, offer programs for kids and families to enjoy nature, support regenerative agriculture, and increase accessibility of clean, sustainably-sourced food for all incomes.

We want to help change peoples lives. We're dedicated to regenerate nature areas that are accessible within a 15 minute walk for all and create solutions for affordable non-toxic, sustainably-sourced food for families of all incomes. 

Who is D?

Our program is named in memory of Dan Chun, Celestia's boyfriend who she affectionately called D. He was passionate about getting kids on the trails for physical and emotional wellbeing. He passed away from a virus, thought to be caused by contaminated food. This strengthened our commitment to get clean, sustainably-sourced, non-toxic food on the dinner table for all. Every day he ran on the trails around Boulder, Colorado, saying hi with a big smile to all he met, spreading his love of nature and community.