How to Use

We're ALL Unique


We are all unique; thatʼs why we made Cofo Provisions to fit your lifestyle.

At Cofo Provisions we understand that it has to be quick and easy so we can get going on our daily and epic adventures.

Cofo Provisions is soluble in hot and cold liquids and can be added to hot cereals and baked food (don't bake over 525 degrees Fahrenheit since collagen starts to deteriorate). You can use our product however you like; mix in your daily coffee, smoothie, shakes, water, sports drinks, juice, hot milk, soup, cereal, sauces, dressings, or add in your own Cofo creation.

For ideas on how to enjoy Cofo Provisions, check out our Cofo Recipes. We recommend using a whisk, frother or blender to mix Cofo into your drink to fully distribute.