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No binders, fillers, added sugar, gluten, dairy, or junk.

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Marine Collagen Peptides From Wild-Caught Fish

Extracted from the scales or skin of wild-caught pollack off the waters of Alaska. Cofo Provisions uses hydrolyzed marine collagen because it is more easily absorbed by the body than bovine or porcine collagen, maximizing the collagen results. 

Our collagen has Type I and III proteins with beneficial amino acids that build strength and support for your bones, joints, and ligaments, as well as skin. 

Medium Chain Triglyceride Oil From Non-GMO Coconut Oil
Our MCT does NOT have any binders or fillers such as tapioca starch or acacia fibers. It's just pure MCT oil powder, nothing else. Each serving of MCT has C6, C8 and C10 to make sure youʼre getting the exact amount of fuel needed to enhance your everyday activities. The majority of our MCT is comprised of C8. We made a conscious decision to only use 100% coconut oil derived MCT. None of our MCT is from palm oil since we are committed to not contributing to the deforestation of orangutan native habitat. Instead of MCT oil we use MCT oil powder that is gentler on the stomach, meaning you won't have embarrassing disaster pants (yes, we tested this too!).

MCT promotes physical stamina, increased energy, and mental clarity. It's also been shown to help reduce gut inflammation.

Wild-Harvested, Certified USDA Organic Camu Camu

This wild-harvested berry from the Peruvian Amazon river-basin is a naturally occurring Vitamin C that has 30 to 60 times more Vitamin C than an orange! The Vitamin C of Camu Camu helps aid in the absorption of collagen. It can also help with inflammation, as well as reducing fine wrinkles, and thatʼs not a bad thing! Since this has the highest levels of Vitamin C of any plant in the world, it's also great to fight off colds.

Our Camu Camu is organic and raw. It is dried at low temperatures to protect its high-nutrient content, and its fibrous seeds are removed to increase each serving's Vitamin C levels. Each serving of Collagen MCT Mix includes the right amount of Camu Camu to obtain your daily recommended dose of Vitamin C.

Fair Trade, Certified USDA Organic, 100% Raw Cacao

One of the worldʼs leading antioxidant and magnesium-rich foods, cacao has been known to reduce stress, boost immunity, and increase calcium absorption. We're all chocolate aficionados, so we tested lots of cacao before picking this specific cacao grown under canopy trees in Peru. The cacao beans are harvested, fermented, sun-dried, and cold-pressed, but never roasted. 

Itʼs rich, delicious, and satisfies our frequent chocolate cravings, and we're betting you'll crave it too.

Certified USDA Organic Chaga Extract

Chaga is known as the "king of medicinal mushrooms" for its immune-supporting and inflammation reducing properties. Our dual-extracted Chaga is organically grown on natural substrates such as logs. It comes from the full mushroom, not just from mycelium, so you benefit from immune boosting beta-glucans found in the full mushroom. 

Certified USDA Organic Cordyceps Extract 

Native to high mountain regions of the Himalayas, Cordyceps has been used by the people of Tibet, Nepal, and China for thousands of years. It became famous in 1993 during the Track and Field National Games in Beijing when women athletes using the mushroom broke five world running records. Many were suspicious of anabolic steroid use, but the athletes passed all the drug tests. Why were these athletes using Cordyceps? Stick with us! ATP, or adenosine triphosphate, is the intracellular energy source for your muscles. It is a biochemical process known among professional bodybuilders and athletes because it helps increase strength and sustain endurance levels. It is especially beneficial for short bursts of activity, like sprinting. One of the active ingredients of Cordyceps is adenosine, a nucleic acid that is a crucial component of ATP. Because of the adenosine within Cordyceps, some studies show users experience an increase of physical stamina and energy.

Our Cordyceps militaris has greater than 30% beta-glucans and is the only form of Cordyceps that can be extracted from the mushroom fruiting body.

Certified USDA Organic Reishi Extract

Reishi is one of the longest used medicinal mushrooms, thought to be used up to 5,000 years ago. It's also one of the most researched mushrooms for its health benefits. Reishi is considered the 'healer' mushroom for its immune supporting properties to help regulate and balance the body. 

Reishi is an immune adaptogen, which means that it works to regulate immune response for what is most appropriate for each unique individual situation. This helps us deal with change and life challenges, decreasing cellular sensitivity to certain stress factors. 

Our dual-extracted Reishi is organically grown on natural substrates such as logs. It comes from the full mushroom, not just from mycelium, so you benefit from immune boosting beta-glucans found in the full mushroom. 

The bitterness in Reishi comes from triterpenes. High-quality Reishi is bitter and not sweet since it includes this beneficial compound.


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