What We're About

We want you to adventure outside fueled by food that is clean, functional and good for your body.

Who We Are

We're a diverse team comprised of outdoor enthusiasts, cyclists and runners. We lead busy lives and balance work, family and pursuits. We're hypersensitive about what food we use to fuel our bodies, and we saw the need for a food that meets the demands of our active life. Cofo was sprung out of a passion for clean, pure food without all the carbs, sugar or funk. Oh yeah, we're a bootstrapped, self-funded, employee-owned team.

The Start

Celestia Howe, founder of Cofo, is obsessed with performance food, no, really she is. After spending a long, cold night camping on top of a mountain eating energy bars for fuel, she realized she didnʼt need the carbs or sugar, she just needed energy. So, she decided to research the best and most efficient way in which she could get the same effects as energy bars on the market.

After years of experimenting with just the right ingredients, she finally hit on winning nutrient-dense superfoods that kept her fueled for her long adventures. She named her passion after two of her favorite things that brought her to the forefront of this journey, Colorado, and Food (Cofo).

We're on a mission to build a thriving community that inspires each other to get out in nature to be our best. We believe that when we get active in the wild and eat clean, pure food we feel good, have a healthy state-of-mind and spark our inner howl to achieve our goals. We Howl Often. Join our community of over 20K women who inspire each other to get out in nature for self-empowerment. Want to be part of our Howl Often community? We've got packs across the country that go on monthly outdoor adventures and inspire each other to Howl. Check out our website for pack activities and join our community on instagram. Keep Howling.

The Team

Celestia Howe, Founder, CEO

Celestia Howe

Whether it was racing mountain bikes, going to business school at night while working full-time, clocking in long hours at a start-up tech or guiding women in the wild, over time she depended on nutrient-dense food to fuel her busy life.  She started Cofo with a commitment to proven functional performance food. She craves day-long mountain bike adventures especially if they include flowy downhill and tight singletrack. 

Shan Wo, Head of Operations

Shan Wo

Shan comes from a ten-year structural engineering career combined with organic farming. We're pretty sure she's the only person who has this unique combination! She's our in-house operations whiz who asks lots of questions and creates impressive spreadsheets to make sure all formulations are exact and have an impact. She's an ultra-runner and finds herself following the circuit in her Sprinter van between the West Coast and the Rocky Mountains.

Erica Fagan, Head of Sales & Outreach

Erica Fagan

Erica is a sales veteran who worked at high-tech companies before she took time off to have three children. Now she runs all sales and community outreach for Cofo. Being a chocolate connoisseur, she's also in charge of the artisan chocolate selection that we have at our team meetings. When not working or wrangling kids, you can find her hiking in the deep-wooded conifer trails west of Boulder.