We Stand By Our Values

Wellness, Health, and Pure Ingredients above all. 
Persevere with Respect, Honesty, and Empathy.
Learn, Teach, Inspire.
Give Back to the Earth and Our Community.
Spread Our Love of the Outdoors.

Our Belief

We believe that when you combine outside adventures and fitness with clean food that is free from sugars, lots of carbs, and junk, you start to feel good inside. You take that natural high feeling into your everyday life, impacting others with your good vibes. 

Our Story

Celestia Howe, founder of Cofo Provisions was tired of reaching for the same old energy bars, loaded with sugars and by-products. She just wanted energy and protein to provide fuel for her cycling rides, trail runs, or backcountry camping trips. Celestia decided to research the best and most efficient way in which she could get the same effect as the other sports bars on the market.

To see if her quest for clean, functional energy and protein was not just her own, Celestia began asking her workout partners if they too were in search of energy and protein without all the added fillers and sugar. What she found was that most athletes eat well-balanced healthy meals, and when they are on the go they don’t always want to reach for bars that are high carb and high sugar.

After finding out she had Celiac disease, it was important that the performance mix was easily digestible and gluten-free to meet her dietary needs and keep her feeling good while working out. Finally hitting on the winning formula of Collagen, MCT and Camu Camu, Cofo Provisions was ready for market.

Located in the beautiful foothills of Boulder, Colorado, our community is made up of outdoor adventurers who care about what they put into their bodies and how it makes them feel. As outdoor enthusiasts ourselves, we understand how important this is, that’s why we only put the highest quality ingredients into our product.

We want to provide active people with an easy portable mix to fuel their athletic lifestyles, we also want to build a thriving community that inspires people to get out in nature, believing that when we are active in the wild, eat clean, pure food, we feel good inside.

Here's Celestia on the backpacking trip where decided she couldn't eat another sugar-heavy bar, there had to be another way to sustain her active lifestyle! 

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