Who We Are

We're a diverse team of outdoor athletes, parents, and wellbeing aficionados.  We lead busy lives and balance work, family, and pursuits. We're hypersensitive about the food we use to nourish our bodies, and saw the need for something that met the demands of our active lives, inner wellbeing, and aligned with our environmental values. 

We believe that when you combine outside adventures and fitness with real, clean food that is free from sugars, lots of carbs, and junk, you start to feel good inside. You take that natural high feeling into your everyday life, impacting others with your good vibes. 

As a team, we use Cofo collagen to nourish our active lifestyles and continually adventure test in the mountains near Boulder, Colorado, our home.

Meet Our Founder

Celestia Howe started Cofo Provisions out of the need to stay strong, active, and vibrant as an athlete while choosing protein that is sustainable for the planet. After using collagen, she liked the benefits but realized most collagen was sourced from bovine hides that’s hard to digest - and hard on the planet. She decided to create a new type of bioavailable, environmentally sustainable collagen.