Who We Are

Who We Are

We're a diverse team comprised of outdoor enthusiasts, parents, and real-food nutritionists. We lead busy lives and balance work, family, and pursuits. We're hypersensitive about the food we use to fuel our bodies, and saw the need for something that met the demands of our active lives. Cofo was born out of a passion to lift our lives up through community and nourishing food without all the toxins and junk.

We believe that when you combine outside adventures and fitness with real, clean food that is free from sugars, lots of carbs, and junk, you start to feel good inside. You take that natural high feeling into your everyday life, impacting others with your good vibes.

Meet Us

Celestia Howe, Founder, Chief Community Officer

When working long-hours at a tech company, trying to stay active outdoors and taking care of her daughter, Celestia quickly became physically tired. Bars and gels didn't work since she has Celiac disease and she didn't want to load up on lots of sugar. She realized she needed a new kind of easy-to-take nutrient-dense food to keep her feeling strong and energized. She started Cofo with a commitment to clean, real food that helps others feel good inside.

Erica Fagan, Head of Community Outreach; Media Relations
Erica is a veteran in multi-channel marketing specializing in business development and sales. She spent most of her career in New York City before moving to Boulder, CO, where she and her family developed a love of the outdoors. At Cofo she leads community outreach and media relations to build awareness, impact and community interaction for our mission, culture and purpose. 

Uriell Carlson, Lead Nutritionist
Uriell “Uri” Carlson is our registered dietitian and nutritionist. She specializes in athletes how to fuel using real food, recipe development, nutrition research and customized meal planning. After growing up an organic farm in Vermont, she graduated from the acclaimed Bastyr University, specializing in nutrition and dietetics and went on to earn her master's degree in nutrition. She is the founder of Inner Wild Nutrition in Breckenridge, CO. When not helping others improve their wellness, she can be found on the trails as a Juliana Bicycles Ambassador and the head mountain bike coach for Summit Endurance Academy