Who We Are

Who We Are

We're a diverse team of outdoor athletes, parents and wellbeing aficionados.  We lead busy lives and balance work, family, and pursuits. We're hypersensitive about the food we use to nourish our bodies, and saw the need for something that met the demands of our active lives, inner wellbeing and aligned with our environmental values. Cofo was born out of a passion to lift our lives up through community and nourishing food without all the toxins and junk.

We believe that when you combine outside adventures and fitness with real, clean food that is free from sugars, lots of carbs, and junk, you start to feel good inside. You take that natural high feeling into your everyday life, impacting others with your good vibes.

Meet Us

Celestia Howe, Founder, Chief Community Officer

When working long-hours at a tech company, competing in mountain bike races, and taking care of her daughter, Celestia quickly became physically tired. Bars and gels didn't work since she has Celiac disease and she didn't want to load up on lots of sugar. She realized she needed a new kind of easy-to-take nutrient-dense protein to keep her feeling strong and energized. She started Cofo with a commitment to clean, environmentally-conscious collagen that helps others stay active and feel good inside. She was selected as a Forbes Next 1000 Entrepreneur in 2021. 

Erica Fagan, Head of Community Outreach; Media Relations
While working in sales at a tech start-up and juggling three kids, Erica found that how she felt was correlated to the food she ate. This started a life-long commitment to healthy, clean food. At Cofo she leads community outreach and media relations to build awareness, impact and community interaction for our mission, culture and purpose. 

Erica Fagan

Amy Carpenter, Director of Operations
Amy oversees the development, production and distribution of our product line. She’s motivated by the desire to help others find ways to feel good inside so they have the fuel to do the things they love to do. When not working, you can find her out on the trails (she and Celestia have been trail running partners for 15 years in rain, snow or shine) and volunteering with local non-profits. 

Amy Carpenter

Erika Moats, Finance & Operations Manager
Erika manages everything finance and operations while being an eternal source of sunshine. She's worked in finance and accounting/bookkeeping for almost 20 years with nonprofits and purpose-driven businesses. When not managing numbers and processes, she's hiking or running else painting in her studio or adventuring in the wild with her camera. 

Erika Moats