We want to leave a vibrant Earth for our kids.

We're committed to sustainably-sourced ingredients and 100% compostable packaging. 

cofo compostable packaging

When you support Cofo, be assured your food is free from pesticides and ingredients that detract from our fragile ecosystem. We only use real, organic food (not synthetics) and collagen from wild-caught fish that is sustainably-sourced and processed in a Marine Stewardship Council approved facility.

All packaging is now 100% compostable from renewable materials. Our bags, labels and even the glue for our labels is compostable. Yes, even the shipping tape we use is compostable. Please help us keep trash and plastics out of our Earth's land and water by composting Cofo after you've enjoyed your fix.

We no longer offer single-serve packets as a result of our no-plastic commitment. If you want to take Cofo on the go, please put the loot in a jar and add the Cofo sticker on it - take a pic of your adventure and we'll post on our social feeds!