Collagen MCT Mix - Rich Chocolate

Cofo Collagen MCT Mix with rich cacao gives you quick, clean energy and protein to start your day, workout, and to take on your outdoor adventures. Unlike dense high-carb, sugary bars, Cofo doesn't hold you back or weigh you down. High-quality ingredients optimize your physical and mental performance: Marine Collagen to strengthen your body, MCT Oil for increased energy, Camu Camu to support immunity, and raw cacao for antioxidants.

    • Each serving has 8 grams of protein and no sugars (only 4g of carbs)
    • CLEAN ENERGY & PROTEIN: No Binders, No Refined Sugars, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Non-GMO. Perfect for keto, paleo, clean-food, dairy-free and gluten-free diets.
    • SUSTAINABLY SOURCED COLLAGEN FOR BONE & JOINT STRENGTH: Our marine collagen is sourced from USA waters, Non-GMO, Alaskan wild-caught fish (pollock) collagen processed in a Marine Stewardship Council Approved facility - with Type I protein for optimal absorption into cell walls.
    • Complex collagen amino acid profile for cell regeneration
    • ENERGY & STAMINA: Keto MCT Oil Powder without additives. Our MCT doesn't have the typical non-keto binders such as tapioca starch or acacia fiber. MCT with 99% C8 & C10 fats, the fats that are the most significant impact on energy production. There are no C12 fats.
    • IMMUNITY & COLLAGEN ABSORPTION: Get 100% of your daily vitamin C from organic, fair-trade Camu Camu, a South American fruit. Vitamin C also helps improve collagen absorption.
    • EASY TO MIX IN: Boost your workout, outdoor adventure and start your day. Mix in your coffee | smoothies | milk | water | juice | cereals | your creation. Peruvian Cacao gives our Rich Chocolate mix a bold chocolate taste.

Each box includes 8 single-serving packets.

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